Inspired by Tradition

In the 1920s Harry Colt, Alister MacKenzie, Donald Ross and Geo C. Thomas created golf courses that are today, almost 100 years later, considered to be the gold standards of golf course architecture. The leading architects of the modern era use a design & build construction methodology to recreate the naturalistic style and shot values that were popularized in the golden age, using bulldozers, excavators, rakes and everything in-between. The very best modern courses are indistinguishable from the classics.

ARTISAN GOLF DESIGN is proud to be the only design & build firm with the language proficiency to work in Japan without translators and middlemen. Lead designer and shaper Benjamin Warren was raised in Scotland, has studied classic golf courses worldwide, and learned the trade working for premier firms from the United States.


ARTISAN GOLF DESIGN’s golden ratio. 
Golf architecture that endures is:

  • Fun for the 99%
  • Challenging for the 1%
  • Inspiring for 100%